4 Things that Make Me Happy on Sad Days

4 Things that Make Me Happy on Sad Days

I’ve had a couple days recently where I felt pretty down about something. And whenever I start feeling that way, I flounder around for things to make me feel better. As I have trouble thinking up things to cheer me up on the spot, I started wondering: what are different things that I always enjoy doing, things that are guaranteed to cheer me up (or, in some cases, distract me) when I’m feeling sad? So I wrote this post!
I have compiled a list of the four, main things that make me happy – on sad days, specifically. I hope that it inspires you, and hopefully reminds me in the future whenever I’m feeling down!


Listen to upbeat music. Depending on the day, that’s either praise/worship music or pop/rock because both are my JAM!

Eat a good meal. I don’t know about you, but eating makes me happy – especially when it’s a good, homemade meal, like what I had for dinner here recently! My mom made a recipe by a blogging friend of ours that is very like Hamburger Helper, but it tastes way better and is much healthier. Yay Elizabeth!

Pray. The number one thing I need to do when I’m sad is talk to my Heavenly Father. It may not fix the problem itself, but it definitely calms my heart. Resting in His arms is my favorite place to be, whatever it is that I might be going through. It’s a blessing to know that He’s taking care of me. ❀

Dance. Specifically, to dance along to Just Dance, a series of games on the Wii that I absolutely love! It’s a great way to get some aerobics in and have a blast at the same time. Ain’t nothin’ better than getting fit while having fun!

Thanks for reading!

What is something YOU do that makes you happy?

— Maggie

7 thoughts on “4 Things that Make Me Happy on Sad Days

  1. It’s funny! I recently contemplated doing a post similar to this! For me, I think a good meal is guaranteed to help, or a walk in nature, reading the Psalms in my Bible, or creating something (a poem, scrapbook page, or art). Even feeling like I made someone else happy by helping or encouraging them makes me feel better!

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