Learning To Trust Him in All Things

Learning To Trust Him in All Things

What is our natural response to difficulties? Panic, worry, stress – the list goes on, and is different for each individual.

Despite our instant reaction to trials, the Lord asks something of us in return for His very much needed assistance.

He asks that we trust in Him, that we simply believe that He exists.

Depending on the severity of any given situation, having faith can be quite simple, or it can be almost too hard to even consider.

He hasn’t just asked that we trust Him when it’s easy.

We only learn through experience; thus, to grow closer to Him, to learn of His ways, we must go through trials and difficulties and tribulations … but the outcome is far more than worth it.

In looking back and being able to see how the Lord was perfectly working everything out for us in His timing, it is then that we can have stronger faith.

It is not simply in seeing how the Lord is working in other people’s lives that increases our trust in Him – although that is very encouraging, as well! It is also important for our walks with Him that we go through things so that we may experience His love for us, especially at our lowest points … to better understand the depths of His grace … โค

Even when it’s hard for us to see that anything good can come out of a situation, He is there with us, in the midst of our trials, leading us with His very capable hands.

— Maggie

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7 thoughts on “Learning To Trust Him in All Things

  1. This really blessed me, Maggie! I desire to trust Him when things aren’t going the way I’d like. Thank you for sharing such an encouraging post!! โค

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