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The Valiant Blogger Award

The lovely Elizabeth over at The Comfortable Coop nominated me for The Valiant Blogger Award! ❤ I’m very honored that she considers me courageous enough to deserve this, as I don’t even see myself as such; all I do is draw from the Lord’s strength on a daily basis. I truly believe that I’m only the person that I am today because of Him and His love for me. It’s all because of Him. ❤


You can go check out the Hall of Valor to see who else has been nominated and why they are the warriors that they are. 🙂 Now, on to the rest of the post.


The biggest challenge in my life is trusting the Lord with my future in Guatemala.

I don’t know when the time will come for me to serve Him there. I don’t know how I’ll pay for all the expenses. I have absolutely no idea how anything else will work out. The one thing I do know is that He desires for me to be there one day, and that’s all I need to know.

Despite the numerous uncertainties that bombard me this way and that, I am at peace; He has a plan, and I deeply desire to follow Him.

There will definitely be times when it’s harder for me to trust, and there will also be times when it’s easier. The unchanging truth that continues to ground me in my faith is that His timing is perfect, regardless of the situation, regardless of how I’m feeling, and that is reassurance enough for me. ❤


I’ve been in some really tough situations throughout my life, and I can’t say that I came out of them having exhibited much strength. But through each trial I’ve gone through, I became stronger; those difficult circumstances strengthened me and helped me to grow.

The best piece of advice I can give to anyone going through hard times is to stay focused on the future.

While we might not respond the way we envision ourselves reacting to obstacles, we can see how far we’ve come upon looking back – both emotionally, as well as spiritually. Learning to trust in the Lord is a life-long process.


I nominate Valerie over at Living Lighter in Atlanta. She is an incredibly strong woman – and I’m not just saying that because she’s my mom! She’s been through so much, and I greatly admire her strength (especially when it comes to childbirth! 😂).

Thanks for reading!

— Maggie

26 replies on “The Valiant Blogger Award”

I love seeing your faith, Maggie! It’s amazing how you’re giving your future (everywhere, but especially Guatemala!) to the Lord. Considering what you want to do there is for Him, I guess you BETTER give it to Him, amiright? lol
Thank you for nominating me. Childbirth is definitely warrior work! 😉

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Congratulations on the award! I think that’s one of the bravest things anyone can do, to let go of doubts and just let God take over. It’s quite difficult to do that most of the time. I feel like people generally feel safer when they know exactly what’s going to happen. Trusting in God at all times take courage too, in my opinion. ❤

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Thank you! ❤ I think it’s awesome that you made this award; I love its meaning! Yes, trusting God with everything definitely takes courage. I’m coming to find that there are certain things I’m okay with leaving in His hands, but then there are other things that I either want to control, or that I think are out of anyone’s control, and either way has me stressed out. I’m learning to trust Him in all things, and that has certainly become a testing of my faith. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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You stay grounded in that faith, Maggie!!! He will get you where He wants you to be. I’ll follow that up with, when He wants you to be there 🙂 I always pause when saying that last part because the “when” is the stumbling block for me 🙂 lol. Patience is not my virtue, but with God’s help I am worlds more patient than I use to be. And congratulations on your nomination!!!!

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Sometimes, it’s sooooo hard to wait on His timing! In fact, it’s hard most of the time. When it comes to Guatemala, I know that He will get me there when the time is right. I just have to trust Him, even when things aren’t going the way I think they should. Thank you! And thank you for all of your lovely comments! ❤


That makes me happy, Elizabeth. I’m glad that it inspire you. ❤ I have no idea what will happen in the future, but I do know that I really want to both visit you and go to Guatemala! Whatever the Lord has planned is fine with me.

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Congrats girl! 🙂

God prepares us with trials so we are more ready when tribulation happens. The peace He gives is part of His foundation that you are standing on. How awesome you listen to His call! And these troubling times when you’re unsure, when your faith is tested, this is how faith is made! How great is our God! During the unseen He gives us His strength in our own weakness. As Paul says, we can boast in our weakness so that the hand of Christ may rest upon us even more. ❤

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Thank you! It has taken me a while, but I have now come to see that trials truly are a blessing, even though they don’t appear to be at first – our faith in God is strengthened when we trust in Him, and our love for Him runs ever deeper! How great is His love. ❤

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Indeed, how great is He! I was the same, and I think most believers are honestly. It takes a long time to adjust to the difference God puts on our life. The world wants to teach that hard times are bad, but God teaches He is still the light in the bad. Even then, we can have an assurance and peace 🙂


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