One Month of Dreaming of Guatemala

It’s been one month since I knew that I would serve the Lord in Guatemala at some point in my future.

A whole month! But I also feel like, it’s only been a month?

I keep expecting to feel impatient, like I’d want to go now instead of waiting on the Lord’s timing. But this situation is unlike anything I’ve ever been in; it’s completely from Him. Because of that, I consistently feel an abundance of peace.

Even though it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m content to wait.

I’m excited for the future, and I can’t wait to see how He will continue to work in my life. ❤


I’d also like to thank you guys for following along on this journey! Over the one month that I’ve had this blog, I’ve met so many amazing people with absolutely wonderful blogs. I appreciate all of the comments, and I love getting to comment on all of your blogs! ❤

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


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10 replies on “One Month of Dreaming of Guatemala”

You are on a great journey. The longer the journey, the more growth, strengthening, and understanding about our God and yourself you will gain. Relax and enjoy the journey. Walk in the conscious presence of your Savior each day, and learn to both speak in conversations with Him and to recognize His true voice. It is that for which we were made and redeemed.

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May God bless your heart for Guatemala… 🙂

Probably since your heart is too much earning to be in Guatemala already, you can pray for the people of Guatemala until His perfect timing….

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One day I also want to be active in ministry in some place that God wants me to go… But I don’t know where, how or when… Waiting for His time…


There may be some programs or ways to send food, water, bible, supplies to the people. If God has placed it in your heart, might an idea to check out some different ministries, or programs already set. Whether you can visit or not immediately, you may be able to get involved. 😉 I feel like Paul right now, but the past few books I’ve been reading were written from him. And you know how active he was. We are to be encouragers, and I’m psyched for your heart to be touched at a younger age. I can relate. I have a blog post on Inside Cup,

It’s a little long, but I go over knowing when I was 13 what my calling was. I didn’t realize it exactly then, but God was stirring my heart to be prepared. It’s been a journey. Four years ago, He gave a me a dream that showed me what God has planned, no matter how difficult or impossible, nothing will shake God’s hand from being on us. The path will be made clear.

Don’t let anyone shake your goals and dreams. Keep your roots grounded in the True Vine. 🙂

And thank you for sharing your heart. ❤

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Thank you so much for your comment! xx I don’t know if I’m supposed to be involved in sending my support in that way, but it is definitely something to think about, so thanks 🙂 I love reading the books/letters that Paul wrote! I’ll have to check out that post of yours later; I’m very interested in reading it. Thank you for all of your encouragement, it is much appreciated! ❤

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