6 Ways To Make Second Language Learning Fun

I understand that this post probably won't be relevant for most of my readers. Despite this, I decided to still write it in the hopes that one day, I can inspire someone! For the past couple of weeks, I've been studying the subject of raising children to be bilingual. While I don't have any kids of my own yet, I … Continue reading 6 Ways To Make Second Language Learning Fun

I Am Satisfied

I have spent my whole life looking for things to make me happy, to keep me occupied and bring me joy. From hobbies, to people, to pastimes, I am searching. I don't stay in one place for long; I am quick to leave unfulfilling things behind, to move on, in pursuit of better options. There … Continue reading I Am Satisfied

Sunshine Blogger Award

Chelia over at Pink For Days nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! 🙂 I just love the name of this specific award! It sounds so bright and cheery. Alright, on with my answers to her questions! What is your greatest achievement? When I was 13, I wrote an 18k word novel called 'The Dark Team.' … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Little Accomplishments – February 24th, 2017

What have you accomplished this week? Yesterday, I had an awesome idea for a post that I could do weekly (ever Friday), and this is the first one of the series. I'm calling them Little Accomplishments! Each post will contain a short list of the things that I completed in the past seven days, things that … Continue reading Little Accomplishments – February 24th, 2017

Raspberry Streusel Bars!

OH. MY. WORD. These bars are one of the best desserts I've ever tasted - and they're most definitely the best treat I've made so far! I cannot get over how good they were. And the fact that I made them myself makes them even more special! The buttery crust, raspberry filling, sweet streusel topping, and … Continue reading Raspberry Streusel Bars!

5 Important Language Learning Tips

In the summer of 2013, I had to pick a foreign language to study. It was partly for my schoolwork, but it was also simply for pleasure. At first, I desired to learn French, so I got the resources that I needed to do so. But I quickly realized that the most worthwhile choice for … Continue reading 5 Important Language Learning Tips

A Year of Strengthening Faith

I'm holding on to You... It's all I know to do. -- Leeland, "Chains Hit The Ground" So far, this year has been a time of learning for me. In multiple situations, my trust in the Lord has been tried, and through them, I know that my faith has already been strengthened. And these situations … Continue reading A Year of Strengthening Faith