‘A Tea Cup Forgotten’ – A Short Story

I am easily inspired to write through photographs. When I don’t know the story behind how a picture came to be taken, my mind takes off with a story of its own, creating characters, extending the setting, forming a plot, until it is impossible for me to not write down what I’ve come up with.

The picture below, which I found online when looking for photo prompts, was the inspiration behind a 700-word short story that I’m sharing with you in this post. I’d love for you to read it, and I would love to hear what you think. ♥

After looking at the picture above, this is what I wrote …


I chuckled to myself, allowing the fingers of my right hand to intertwine with the fingers of his left. He complimented my hair, mentioning how he loved the way it flowed effortlessly down my back in soft, auburn tendrils. I subconsciously caught the curl that had fallen beside my face, quick to slide it behind my ear in one swift motion. I smiled; I loved his sweet comments, I always did, but they never failed to make me feel so shy.

We continued walking, both fallen silent, with not a thing on our minds but the gorgeous scenery around us. It was a comfortable silence; personally, it was my favorite kind of silence. It enveloped us, made me feel secure. I am unsure of how he felt, as his emotions never were written across his face, but he seemed just as peaceful as I. He squeezed my hand softly, and I smiled up at him. The sun, which was positioned in the sky just past his face, did its best to blind me with its light. I laughed heartily when the brightness reflected off the wire frames of my glasses, struck his vision, and caused him to cringe.

He smiled warmly at me, on the verge of laughter, yet always quick to hold it in. He once admitted that he tried not to laugh at the same time I did so that he could clearly hear my laughter, unhindered from any other noises. My giggling made him happy, he further explained, at which I blushed profusely. I replied by telling him that I loved the sound of our laughter as it mingled together, the sound of the joy within us that could not be contained. At the end of that conversation, we mutually agreed to laugh as much together as we did apart.

On that splendid afternoon, a quick walk through the forest was all that we’d planned on doing. I had a fresh cup of tea waiting for me back at the patio, which I very much wanted to drink. Despite this, I didn’t want to waste a single moment of the beautiful weather that surrounded me, that surrounded us. Thus, I forfeited my warm drink for a romantic walk, an outing I surely would not regret. Nothing quite got to me like being outside in the fall, especially when I was by his side. And that garden just up ahead … it was quite a sight to behold …

I voiced the suggestion of extending our stroll to include the garden, and he was almost too quick to comply. Eyeing him quietly, I let him lead, pondering why his face was all the while as radiant as the sun.

There are few things I appreciate more in life than the surprises planned by loved ones, much like the one he had planned for me that afternoon. We hadn’t gotten very far into the garden before he’d taken both of my hands in his, said a few very sweet things while deeply searching my eyes, then knelt down and asked for my hand in marriage.

A few days went by before I remembered to retrieve my abandoned cup of tea, and by that time, the forest had decorated the patio with a blanket of golden leaves. Some rested on the wooden planks that made up the flooring; others relaxed in the sun while seated on the table … and two lone leaves ended up in my tea cup itself. With a smile, I retrieved the cup in my left hand and placed the saucer in my right. Lifting my left hand ever higher, I admired the way the sunlight flickered off of my beautiful new ring, a promise of the new chapter in my life soon to come. The jewels softly painting my hand the rich colors of autumn, I laughed joyously, an overflow of the sheer contentment that was within my heart.


— Maggie

8 replies on “‘A Tea Cup Forgotten’ – A Short Story”

Absolutely loved it!!!

“I loved the sound of our laughter as it mingled together, the sound of the joy within us that could not be contained” – automatically made me think of all the laughs I’ve shared with my boyfriend.

You have a way with words. Wow! Just wow!

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