This is My Calling

I feel You in the hands of the poor,

I hear You in the song of the weak,

There is no place too far

That You can’t reach…

— Leeland, “I Can See Your Love”


When it came to missions for me, I didn’t have any idea if I’d ever go on one.

I couldn’t decide if I’d enjoy that kind of adventure or not, as I’m extremely accustomed to the comforts of home.

Would I feel uncomfortable and out of my element being so far from home and in an unknown place – especially if I left my family behind?

All of my views on missions changed a few months ago when I learned about a certain Guatemalan organization.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve confidently known within my heart that it is the Lord’s plan for me to serve there one day.

Even though this is such a new idea to me, I feel like my heart is already there. My love for the children at that organization is consistently growing; I can’t get my mind off their beautiful, smiling faces.


I’ll be over a thousand miles from home and in a foreign country. I’ll be away from my family, whom I love so much. I have no idea what it will really be like.

Despite all of that, I’m extremely excited. It amazes me that I’m not in the least afraid.

This absence of fear is the assurance to me that it’s from the Lord. If it were not, my anxieties would be countless.

Each time I think about the children, I start feeling enthusiastic all over again. And even though my normal response to things I need to wait on is impatience, I have continually had God-given peace within my heart, for which I am so thankful.

Prayerfully waiting on His timing,

— Maggie

11 thoughts on “This is My Calling

  1. Hi Maggie, it was lovely to find your blog! It seems we are on similar adventures so thought I’d reach out and say heyyy! So much of what you have said resonated with me. I also felt this deep call to missions and had no idea of when or how, I definitely wasn’t as patient as you and as a result I had some disappointments, but after a few years I am so humbled and honoured to busy be in the process of raising support for my trip to Ethiopia in April. So I just wanted to say thanks for your blog but also encourage you too! When it’s His time the doors will just fling open and things will just happen that will just leave you in awe. Though I have yet to step on the field, the call to serve is such a deep beautiful calling and it takes a lot of courage so I’m excited to meet a fellow sister in Him! Blessings, Bianca x

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    1. Hi Bianca, it’s so nice to meet you! That’s awesome that you’re going to Ethiopia! How exciting. I pray that your trip goes well and is full of blessings. ❤ Missions truly are a beautiful calling; I’ve felt it for such a short amount of time, but they’re already so special to me! I’ll come follow you once I’m done writing this, lol. Thank you for coming by, and I hope that you have a great day! ❤

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  2. I must apologize for reading the Calling Blogs out of order.

    The people in missionary work I’ve watched, read, and met, they all share this passion. They have this affirming sense of calling pulling them, pushing, and encouraging them. I’d say you’re on the right path 🙂


      1. You are welcome. As a writer, comments always make me happy, especially with feedback, and discussion. So I love sharing insight and encouragement when I can.


  3. I love your blog Maggie!! You exude so much positivity and hope. I’ve always wanted to volunteer and go on Mission trips, however please is there a website dedicated for volunteers and all that stuff? How do you do it?
    *Sending you so much love*

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    1. Oh thank you so much!! I appreciate it 🙂 That is wonderful. There are many opportunities for mission trips (especially through churches and volunteer groups!), as well as other volunteering opportunities. Habitat For Humanity is a great volunteer program, where they build houses for those who have none, which I think is so beautiful!

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  4. Hey, I randomly noticed that this post happened a few days before your Christian birthday (and I know this from reading “about you.” Thank you for such a beautiful blog filled with joy and hope!

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