{January} Favorites

January was an awesome month. Even though it legitimately sped by - I can't believe it's almost February! - I enjoyed every day of it, and I'm so excited about the rest of this year. This post contains five of my favorite things from the month of January: song, movie, game, food, apparel, and finally, a quote… Continue reading {January} Favorites

Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Research Tips

Sad fact: I've always struggled to plan stories. From the time that I was writing short stories about my pets as a kid, I've struggled to plan ahead; if I have an awesome story idea, I want to go ahead and start writing, regardless of whether the story has any structure, or not. Most of the stories… Continue reading Writing a Historical Fiction Novel ~ Research Tips

‘Jump’ – A Short Story

"Go on," he said softly, his deep voice resonating in my ears; "jump." I grinned brightly, and without turning to look at him, I shook my head. My hair, which was coiled into a ponytail at the time, swished across my shoulders. As it did, I sensed that it hit something. Before I could swivel… Continue reading ‘Jump’ – A Short Story

Blueberry Cake!

As I was scrolling down Pinterest's infinite pages a couple days ago, getting lost in the many depths of baking inspiration, I stumbled across what appeared to be a blueberry muffin in the form of a cake. Its official name is Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake! It was very easy to make, and it tastes great, too!… Continue reading Blueberry Cake!

‘A Tea Cup Forgotten’ – A Short Story

I am easily inspired to write through photographs. When I don't know the story behind how a picture came to be taken, my mind takes off with a story of its own, creating characters, extending the setting, forming a plot, until it is impossible for me to not write down what I've come up with.… Continue reading ‘A Tea Cup Forgotten’ – A Short Story

My Typical Evening

We all have different things that we do in the evening that are relaxing, things that help us wind down after the day's events, whatever they may have been. Often, it's the time of day where we find solitude; a short while that we get all to to ourselves - and, sometimes, in the quiet company of others. There's a… Continue reading My Typical Evening

How To Take AWESOME Photos With Your iPhone

Technically, I'm not a photographer. I don't use a camera to shoot any of my photos; I use my iPhone 5s. Therefore, what I really am is an iPhoneographer. Over the past two and a half years, I've gotten pretty good at the simple art of taking great iPhone photos. I'd love to share my… Continue reading How To Take AWESOME Photos With Your iPhone

The Reason Behind the Name

Read on to find out what inspired the name of my blog, 'Dreaming of Guatemala'! ❤ ~ From the moment I knew that I'd get to serve the Lord in Guatemala one day, I've been so happy. I don't feel anxious - surprisingly, not in the least! I'm very joyful and excited. But there really… Continue reading The Reason Behind the Name

My Favorite Thing About Photography

Photoshoots. They're something I never would've seen myself doing, yet now I love them. I'm always looking forward to the next time I'll get to shoot one. Both in exploring places that might work for a photoshoot, as well as being inspired by tips-and-tricks articles I come across online, I've come to enjoy taking pictures… Continue reading My Favorite Thing About Photography

About My Passion for Spanish + The Best Language-Learning App!

I'd like to start this post with a bit of honesty; I haven't always had a passion for Spanish. Yup. However, passions must start somewhere, right? Initially, I really wanted to learn French; I've been fascinated by the language's beauty for a long time. However, the ironic thing is, the same summer that I'd started learning the basics of French, I was… Continue reading About My Passion for Spanish + The Best Language-Learning App!