My Testimony (Updated For 2018)

My Testimony (Updated For 2018)

Hi there ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful day! 🙂 One of the first posts that I ever shared on this blog was my testimony, which was back in January of 2017. I called it ‘My Story,’ and I encouraged others to share their testimonies in the comment section, as well. It’s been a long while since I read that post, and for the sake of fully remembering my testimony and not just being reminded of it, I’ve decided to forfeit reading it again before writing this post.

Recently, while I was thinking about my walk with the Lord, I realized that the perception I have of my relationship with Him has changed over the years. The story itself hasn’t, but my understanding of how He was working in my life at those times has! That’s why updating my testimony, sharing deeper insight, and adding to it (i.e. where I am in my walk with Him now) is something important I know I want to do.

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Currently Reading Book Tag

Currently Reading Book Tag

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday. ❤️ Today’s post is going to be a simple one, as I didn’t have a lot of inspiration to blog very much over the weekend.

I saw a fun book tag over on Jess’s blog (you can check out her post here!), and she left her invitation open to anyone interested in participating. Thanks Jess! 😊

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My Plans For 2019-20

My Plans For 2019-20

Hi there ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful day! 😊 I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of update-type posts recently, but that’s because there are some new things going on in my life that I’m enjoying talking about! I’ll try not to make these repetitive, although as greater clarity and insight come to me, getting to write about it is definitely helpful.

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5 Reasons Why I Loved Reading ‘Beautiful Poems On Jesus’

5 Reasons Why I Loved Reading ‘Beautiful Poems On Jesus’

Hi there! 💛 I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 🙂 I have decided to begin writing mini reviews of books again. Sharing why I enjoyed the books I’ve finished reading is an encouragement to me to keep reading, which is a good thing, since I have bookshelves full of books!

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Life With Baby Siblings | Thoughts + Confessions

Life With Baby Siblings | Thoughts + Confessions

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day 😊💜 Earlier this week, my mom and I were discussing the fact that I never thought I’d have baby siblings at the age I am now. Elizabeth’s (2) and Isabella’s (eight months) presence in my life has completely altered where I spend my time, which has then impacted and changed me in many different ways.

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An Ode To Overthinking

An Ode To Overthinking

When I think, I think too much.

Things and situations, trials and circumstances …

They stay on my mind for far too long.

I’ll take something simple that I should hope for the best in …

But I analyze it instead.

I’m cynical and pessimistic; I see the worst in myself.

I ruin positive situations and strengthen the anxiety of negative ones.

I used to rationalize that I was saving myself from heartache.

If I don’t get my hopes up, I won’t be let down.

But if I’m always in the pit, will I ever see the light above me?

* * *

One day, I finally grew tired of hurting.

I saw that this isn’t who I am; it’s what I’ve become.

Negativity defined me in more ways than I realized.

It was how I was seeing myself and the world around me.

I wasn’t optimistic about anything anymore.

I thought that I was saving myself from pain by living in it.

Keeping your expectations low does not rescue you from heartache.

It creates a different kind of pain.

* * *

I’m done allowing myself to ruin the positivity in my life.

I’m going to be hopeful and optimistic.

I want to look for the best in people … including myself.

I want to forgive … AND forget.

This is a journey that I’m confidently beginning.

What is my goal?


Thank you so much for reading! The words I have shared with you above is the prayer that’s on my heart today. It’s a task that I’m taking upon myself and putting my all into because I want to be happy again. I want to be an optimistic, hopeful person, without investing all of my happiness in things that can change.

Being content with who I am, along with the way that other people are, is something I need to do. I can be excited for something without emotionally needing it to happen. I can smile at strangers and greet them without worrying if they’ll greet me back.

It’s a process, and I’m learning so much. ❤ I hope you have a beautiful day!

When He Calls Me (I Will Go)

When He Calls Me (I Will Go)

Hi there! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! 💚✨ One of the things that has been on my mind a lot lately, as you might know, is Guatemala. It’s funny, because there have been ups and downs in how much I think about it. Its significance in my life has changed more than once, and it continually impacts my relationship with the Lord, as well as the decisions I make every day.

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